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     After a continuously monitoring of our vineyard during all year, when August is coming and the grapes have reached their optimum point of ripeness, start the harvest. We cut the grape at night, taking advantage of the low temperature. Each bunch is selected by hand and the best is carried to the winery.

           When the grapes arrive to the winery, it is unloaded into a hopper which transports the grape until a machine which separates the wood of the grape; it is in this moment where we make a second selection of the best bunch, taking away some vine leaf and some bunch which it not has the enough quality.  After this process, the grape is automatically transported to the press where the grape juice is extracted and stored in our stainless steel tanks of small capacity where we execute long macerations in red wines and, slow and controlled fermentation in white wines, getting wines with character, personality and harmony.

         The aging of our red wines is made in our oak barrels, 50% French and 50% American. Each barrel has a capacity of 300 liters.

         Once the wine is stabilized and filtered, it is bottled. Of this way, we assure to our client a total control in the production process of our wines.

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